Table Health Practitioners

Table Health is a functional medicine collective helping you transform your health through customized programs and retreats for the individual, family, and company.

We use a whole approach to healthcare that addresses your physical, emotional, and relational needs and gives you a dedicated and skilled team of experts to guide and support you on your health journey.

Dr. Jennifer Lyon DO


I am a board-certified family practice physician with a passion for nutrition and its ability to heal and prevent disease. My functional medicine approach treats the root cause rather than just your symptoms. I value the opportunity to take the time to sit down with you and learn your health story. With access to onsite lab support, nutrition experts and movement specialists I can provide individualized care based on your past and present exposures, experiences, and genetic tendencies to help you achieve optimal health.


Carol Bell, MS RD, LMT

Registered Dietitian
Massage Therapist

I apply food strategies and use massage and bodywork techniques to treat the root cause of your health condition. By offering reassurance and guidance to make food and dietary changes I can help you transform your body and mind. Through the integration of massage, trigger point therapy, craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation, and visualization, I will support you in reaching optimal health. 


Mia Munroe

Gyrokinesis® Master Trainer
IInner Pelvic Health™ Consultant

I teach people of all ages and levels of athleticism how to manage their posture and everyday movements, specifically their spines. Offering an understanding of how your body is built to move, so you can better understand your injuries, why they happen, and how to potentially eliminate pain by developing new movement habits. The Gyrokinesis® Method is a safe approach I use for those who have been sedentary in addition to those who are physically active who want to regain any lost flexibility. I also specialize in education, prevention, and management of basic pelvic floor functioning for men and women.

Erin Goldman

Erin Goldman, MSW, E-RYT

Movement Specialist

I teach the elegance of alignment and the joy of embodiment to support your quest to find joy and freedom through the experience of living in a body. I dive deep into the underlying sources of uncertainty to offer simple and practical tools that can be integrated into daily life. I focus on relating to difficult emotions in a new way, rather than trying to eliminate them.

erin gysbers

Erin Gysbers, MOT, OTR/L

Occupational Therapist

I work to empower and bring clarity to your journey to better health. This includes making sure you are receiving the optimal amount of guidance from our practitioners to assure your pathway to success feels accessible while also identifying lifestyle management strategies for you to reduce the presence of barriers to encourage an attainable wellness routine.

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Kathleen Wainwright

Occupational Therapy, Feldenkrais, Somatic Experiencing™

I help heal the effects of complex pain and trauma at a core level while minimizing holding patterns that keep you from achieving your personal best. My approach focuses on Feldenkrais® and Somatic Experiences, both powerful, body-based methods to enhance overall health and digestion after stress, pain, and trauma. 

nomai call

Naomi Call

International Teacher, Author, Nutritionist, Health Consultant & Advocate

I am acutely aware of the power of our thoughts and I bring an approach that is both gentle and uniquely powerful for healing, infusing the ageless wisdom from the East and countless evolving tools from the West to offer the best care possible.