Table Health Practitioners

Table Health is a direct primary care and functional medicine practice helping you transform your health through transparency, authenticity, and value for the individual, family, and company.

We use a whole person approach to healthcare that addresses your physical, emotional, and relational needs and gives you a dedicated and skilled team of experts to guide and support you on your health journey.

Andrea Stoecker, DO


My passion is helping people heal, to put it simply, and that often means something different for everyone. As a board certified osteopathic family physician, I am able to help the body achieve balance through manipulation, as well as take care of a full range of primary care needs. As a doctor trained in functional medicine, I listen to each patient's story to determine the root cause of their symptoms. I consider the whole person, and use an integrative approach to determine their path toward healing. 

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Andrea Stoecker, DO Direct Primary Care Physician

Jennifer Lyon, DO


I am a board-certified family practice physician with a passion for nutrition and its ability to heal and prevent disease. My functional medicine approach treats the root cause rather than just your symptoms. I value the opportunity to take the time to sit down with you and learn your health story. With access to onsite lab support, nutrition experts and movement specialists I can provide individualized care based on your past and present exposures, experiences, and genetic tendencies to help you achieve optimal health.
Jennifer Lyon, DO Functional Medicine physician
Carol Bell, headshot

Carol Bell, MS RD, LMT

Registered Dietitian
Massage Therapist

I apply food strategies and use massage and bodywork techniques to treat the root cause of your health condition. By offering reassurance and guidance to make food and dietary changes I can help you transform your body and mind. Through the integration of massage, trigger point therapy, craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation, and visualization, I will support you in reaching optimal health. 

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Kathleen Wainwright

Occupational Therapy & Feldenkrais

I help heal the effects of complex pain and trauma at a core level while minimizing holding patterns that keep you from achieving your personal best. My approach focuses on Feldenkrais® which is a powerful, body-based method to enhance overall health and digestion after stress, and pain.