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Workplace wellness is important, but it doesn’t have to be difficult.  Check out our list of 5 simple ways to increase wellness at work:

1.  Make movement the norm.
  Sitting all day is one of the worst things you can do for your health.  Expect everyone to get out of their chairs or change their position every hour - set a timer if you have to - and move together as a group.  5 Simple Exercises You Can Do at Work will help negate the effects of sitting all day.  If your work is more characterized by movement than desk sitting, take time to stretch your hard-working muscles several times during the day.

2.  Snack healthier.  Ditch the vending machines as a first step.  Swap out the break room cookies for healthier alternatives.  These 5 Brain Foods will reduce sluggishness and brain fog and help you maintain your energy and thinking power.  Stock your kitchen with these foods and encourage employees and vendors who like to bring treats for the staff to choose from this list and focus their efforts on fruits and vegetables.

3.  Meditate or nap.  Give employees the go-ahead to spend 10-15 minutes every day engaged in meditation or napping.  Meditation has been proven to decrease anxiety and blood pressure and increase mental clarity and creativity.  Napping at the right time (6-7 hours after waking) helps regulate sleep cycles, boosts immunity, and helps prevent afternoon sleepiness and brain fog.  Being well-rested also helps prevent snacking on junk and reaching for afternoon caffeine as a way to boost energy.

4.  Promote healthy boundaries.  Employees should not have to worry about work after hours, they should not have to perform outside their abilities, and they should not have to worry about office drama.  Encourage people to speak up if they are feeling overwhelmed, and truly listen. Everyone should be able to power down when the workday ends and not be mentally “on the clock” outside of work hours.  Also, if employees are overwhelmed by certain tasks or by the volume of work on their plates, they need to feel free to voice this and should be encouraged to problem-solve, perhaps with a manger’s help, to relieve stress and solve the issue.  If the employee’s needs absolutely cannot be met within the company, consider helping the employee find another work situation for which they are better suited. Got office drama? Get rid of it ASAP. Drama, gossip, back-stabbing, and competitiveness should never be tolerated.  Expect professional behavior, encourage employees to go directly to the source if they have a problem, discourage gossip, and facilitate teamwork. The best way to do this is by modeling it yourself and having a no-tolerance policy. The old saying about one bad apple is really true.  One negative or unprofessional employee can ruin office morale.

5.  Hydrate.  Dehydration causes fatigue and often leads to snacking when we aren’t really hungry.  Make drinking clean water and/or juicing a priority. Invest in a water purifier at your workplace, and maybe some beautiful pitchers and glasses or have everyone keep their own glass or water bottle at their workstation.  Maybe throw some fresh lemon, cucumber, or mint in your pitchers to flavor the water and add more minerals, nutrients, and digestive power. If you are feeling ambitious, pitch in for a high-quality juicer in the break room and juice your own organic produce.  This is an excellent way to add oodles of nutrients and excellent hydration without adding calories or time involved in another meal. Check out our 5 Easy High-Energy Juice Recipes.  Or, if you have a high-quality juicery near your workplace, keep your break room stocked with your favorite juices or send out for a daily order for participating employees.


If you are interested in developing a customized Corporate Wellness Program for your company, you can learn more HERE

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