By the time February rolls around each year, most New Year resolutions have been abandoned, broken, or worse yet, well-intentioned people may experience feelings of failure thanks to said resolutions. In fact, there is even an unofficial holiday celebrated on January 17th: Ditch New Year’s Resolution Day. Oh boy…


It’s wonderful to resolve to make healthful lifestyle or dietary changes at any time of year. However, if growth is not coming from an authentic place, and at a time where holding space for goals is feasible, we may be setting ourselves up for disappointment or risk abandoning our intentions all together. 


At Table Heath, I encourage clients to focus on building goals that stem from the heart.  Goals that not only serve our physical being, but also our emotional and mental state. Goals we deeply want to achieve and feel deeply in our hearts we are ready and willing to reach. By following a few tried-and-true steps, we can set goals we not only believe in, but goals that we are ready to achieve.


  1. Embrace heart-centering work. Journal, mediate, vision board...find a practice that helps you turn inward and deep dive into what truly calls to you. Avoid fear-based goals.
  2. Identify a clear goal. Get specific and envision what achieving that goal would look and feel like a month from now... 6 months from now....a year from now. Set a realistic timeline to hit your goal’s milestones and mark a calendar with important dates. 
  3. Connect to your why. Every goal should have a reason, or why, behind it. Examples could look like: “sleep 7-8 hours each night to have more energy for my children” or “shift my diet to 80% whole foods rich in fruits and vegetables to make sure I’m getting the nutrition I need to feel my best and improve my vital nutrient consumption.” 
  4. Write it down. A popular study by Dr. Gail Matthews found you are 42% more likely to achieve a goal simply by writing it down.  The more often you write it, the better. 
  5. Stay positive! Avoid negative self talk and turn to a supportive family member, friend or health coach when you need a morale boost. Remember life happens, and sometimes we need to allow ourselves to take a step back in order to move ourselves forward. Also, don’t forget to celebrate even the smallest of victories on your wellness path. You earned it! 


Once you have your goals in place, or even if you still need some help identifying them, working with a certified health coach is a great place to start or continue to build on your progress. Fostering self-accountability, working through road blocks, and applauding milestones are just a few of the many ways coaches can help turn your wellness goals into your everyday lifestyle!



Katherine Feldhouse, INHC 

Integrative Wellness Health Coach, Table Health

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