At Table Health, we have created a Wheel of Wellness to keep us organized and accountable as we assist our clients in achieving optimal health.  The Wheel of Wellness allows us to dive into each of the three main zones of health:

Emotional – how I give and receive health within myself
Relational – how I give and receive health with the world outside of me
Physical – how I give and receive health from and for my body

The current healthcare system focuses only on a small portion of the physical.  At Table Health, we have not only expanded our thinking about various aspect of physical health, but also we dedicate significant energy to thinking about the parts of our clients' lives that contribute most significantly to their ability to transform, restore, and maintain their health: their emotional and relational lives.

We strongly believe that all three areas of health need to be embraced and optimized in order for our clients to achieve their best health and to prevent disease and disability in the future. 

But you don't have to be our client to benefit from thinking about health this way.  In fact, there are many opportunities in each day to gain health, and you can start right now:

  • With your first breath in the morning, be intentional about expressing gratitude for a new day and a new opportunity to celebrate life on your terms.
  • Share a smile, kind word, or deed with those you encounter throughout the course of your day.
  • Carve out time for movement – a class with a friend, a brief routine at home, walking the shoreline alone or with a loved one, or playing with your kids or dog.
  • Expand your knowledge – with a hands-on experience in a class; through books, podcasts or journals; or in discussion with those who might have different opinions or experiences.
  • Practice creativity – draw, sing, dance, work with wood or plants, journal, cook, observe patterns in clouds, or do something differently in your work – embrace your gifts and the opportunity to create something new, even if you don't feel like a creative person.
  • Maintain and respect boundaries – know your limits and listen for those of others; practice managing the space between any occurrence and your reaction to it.
  • Share a meal – sit together for dinner, share experiences of the day, and clear the table together.
  • Rest well – craft a bedtime routine that is reflective, rejuvenating, and reliable; give yourself the gift of quality sleep.

Though cultivating health can feel like one more thing on your impossibly full to-do list, you might actually find that adopting one or a few of these habits into your daily routine brings unexpected clarity, prioritization, calm, and renewed energy to help you through your day.

Encouragement, skill development, and accountability are key factors in successfully embracing healthy daily habits. At Table Health, we offer resources to support you in all of your health endeavors. We invite you to move, breathe, prepare, gather, and share as you take a seat at the Table.

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