Designs for Health were not always supplement providers — they actually started out by offering nutritional counseling and education services. Their decision to develop a supplement brand was the natural result of their successful treatment of patients. They are a results-driven company, and they proudly proclaim their motto to be “Science First.” As such, Designs for Health only offer products with proven efficacy. They are also a “professionals only” brand, meaning Designs for Health products can only be obtained through health care professionals or by patient referral. They have stringent quality control standards, and they require all of their vendors to comply with the same Good Manufacturing Practices that they adhere to themselves. The ultimate goal of Designs for Health is to help patients achieve their fullest potential of nutritional health.

Designs for Health readily advise their customers to consider their products as secondary to existing nutritional wellness practices; their dietary supplements are meant to enhance the diet, aiming to optimize metabolic efficiency. In point of fact, they sometimes refer to themselves as “The Paleo Company,” because they strongly believe in the nutritional benefits of following a Paleolithic diet. Sometimes referred to as “the caveman diet,” the Paleo diet calls for the avoidance of processed food, in favor of returning to the lean meats, fish, vegetables, nuts, and seeds that were available to our ancestors. Designs for Health advocate that their products be considered as an added “boost” in such efforts to combat the nutritional deficiencies brought about by today’s standard diet.

As previously stated, Designs for Health designate themselves as a professional brand, meaning their products can only be obtained through health care professionals or by patient referral. This is important to note because it is always advisable to consult with your doctor before adding any supplement to your daily routine. Talking with your doctor is also a good idea because their professional knowledge can be of great assistance when analyzing your individual diet and lifestyle, so as to best determine which supplements might be most beneficial to you.

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