How do I give and receive health within myself?

Brené Brown is a world-class expert on resilience, studying shame, belonging, vulnerability and connection. In her book Braving the Wilderness she highlights that connection is key and that our sense of belonging must first begin with the ability to belong fully to ourselves.

Exploring the Emotional third of the Table Health Wheel of
Wellness, we consider the question – how do
I give and receive health within myself?

Emotional Health of Wellness Wheel

Examining the spokes, we begin with a sense of purpose. Purpose can be found in our work through corporate wellness, creating a healthy corporate culture by supporting the experience of the individuals as people and as professionals. We can adopt a purpose-driven mindset, not to be confused with passion, which can feel daunting and unattainable, but rather through intention and the ability to find meaning in any and every task.

Consider making the simple shift in inner dialogue from “I have to” to “I choose to” for any task – it takes us from a place of obligation to a place of empowerment and awareness that we are actively involved in every aspect of our day. If we find ourselves choosing with reluctance more often than not, perhaps it is time to reexamine, to prioritize if possible, or at least to identify places we would like to make a change in the near future. We have the opportunity for purpose in relationships and this will look different with varied people, settings, time in the day and in our lives. Purposeful relationships can still be fun, light-hearted and casual but with the precious finite resource of time, we should be ever aware of the connections we are making with the people in our lives as we seek to enhance the experience of health for them and for ourselves.

Next we find the spiritual spoke – first stop, fellowship. Sharing time together has become a bit of a lost art and Table Health creates opportunities for engagement - pulling up a chair, learning, listening and leading by example, life in community. Next is rest, another tool turning rusty in the torrential downpour of the chaos of modern-day life. When busy becomes a badge of honor, we downplay our need for rest – but this is truly where health happens most of all – offering recovery, integration of the daily experience, restoration of the brain, muscles, gut as well as the spirit and the soul. No seed can grow in soil that is constantly being tilled. There must be stillness for roots to grow, stems to sprout, leaves to bud and flowers to blossom. Table Health will hold space, validate the need and honor the importance for rest in our lives as a cornerstone of health. We also encounter mindfulness and the call to be present in each moment, a tool to find stillness, to honor the beauty in each task.

The final component in this triad of the emotional zone is mental – beginning with books – a great source of learning and opportunity for conversation, book clubs and study groups in various topics of health support dialogue and discussion, encouraging us to share our perspectives and broaden our horizons. Behavioral is an often overlooked, undervalued and stigmatized aspect of our truest care of health and we are so grateful for our Table Health Ambassadors, serving our members from a place of knowing, understanding and clinical expertise through a lens of humanity. Rounding out the emotional experience are education and awareness – because we cannot solve the problem we cannot see. There is no solution without root cause analysis and there is always more to learn.

Where might challenges present themselves to you as you seek to give and receive health from within? Can you answer the call to practice radical self-acceptance, belonging first to yourself? In the wise words of Brené Brown - we don't have to do it all alone - we were never meant to. Find the help you need, the support you want, the expertise you deserve and the opportunity to share your experience by taking a seat at the Table.

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