Four Sigmatic offers a variety of mushroom-infused beverage mixes, such as coffee, hot cocoa, and lemonade. Mushrooms, they say, are among the most undervalued of nature’s “superfoods.” To combat this oversight, Four Sigmatic products are made using mushrooms that possess natural properties that they boast can help improve concentration, regulate immune function, and reduce stress -- among other possible benefits. Four Sigmatic values consistency and safety in their products and they have high-quality control standards. They abide by Good Manufacturing Practices and also enlist a third party to inspect their products before they ever leave the warehouse. They work exclusively with organic farms to limit their products’ exposure to pesticides and other harmful chemicals. While they believe in the health benefits mushrooms can offer, they don’t market their products as a cure-all, but rather as supplementary to existing healthy habits.
Four Sigmatic is one of many young companies that have thrived due to the increasingly mainstream use of “adaptogens” as natural dietary supplements. Adaptogens, in short, are plants and herbs that are believed to help the human body function more efficiently. There has been limited scientific study on adaptogens, so their efficacy cannot be conclusively stated. However, the use of plants and herbs for medicinal purposes has long been supported by certain branches of Eastern medicine, and there have been a few smaller studies conducted that have linked certain plants and herbs to specific health benefits. For example, Chaga, a mushroom in many Four Sigmatic products, is rich in beta-glucans and antioxidants, which help boost the immune system and support overall well being.
For all of the products we sell, we always encourage people to address the root cause of their health issues, rather than rely on a product to act as a cure-all. That said, Four Sigmatic may be a good supplementary aid for anyone striving to enhance their daily health rituals. For example, if you are looking to reduce your consumption of coffee or caffeine, Four Sigmatic may be worth investigating; while regular coffee contains about 95-200 mg of caffeine per cup, Four Sigmatic’s Adaptogen Coffee contains only 50 mg. Four Sigmatic’s mushroom coffee is also less acidic than regular coffee, which reduces the risk of heartburn. Other Four Sigmatic products may also be beneficial in your pursuit to reduce stress or support sleep, like their Mushroom Hot Cocoa with Reishi. As always, it is a good idea to consult with your doctor before adding any adaptogens to your regular routine. If you’re interested in trying out Four Sigmatic, talk to your doctor — mushrooms may be just the boost you’ve been searching for.

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