Health is an Ever-Evolving Concept

It is as personalized as a fingerprint and even more variable in that health for an individual can change moment to moment depending on life experience, exposure, expectation and capacity. This can make defining health a challenging task, but also one rich with opportunity – for success, for creativity, for growth and the opportunity for continued improvement.

At Table Health we recognize that health happens all the time, in every aspect of our daily lives – in our relationships, during exercise, through meals, meetings, planning, parties, play and work.  This also means that support for best health requires many creative roles, experiences and types of expertise to be fully optimized.

Central to the best health of all things is the attention to care of self and the ability to feel and be connected in community and this is the ultimate focus of all programming at Table Health. We seek to serve as a hub, honoring the individual and creating a safe, consistent, reliable space to
gather and find the resources needed to cultivate true wellness.

There are terrific resources in our community – individuals, businesses, collectives, corporations, services, programs and more – and we are dedicated to making necessary connections for our members. There are also many fantastic resources within Table Health with a collaborative group of professionals including physicians, nutritionists, massage therapists, occupational therapists, health coaches, behavioral health experts, chefs and movement instructors who together create a synergistic, comprehensive approach to community wellness, customized to the individual.

We are grateful for the opportunity to be in such a vibrant community and are honored to serve as a source of health for all.  Join us as we gather, nourish body, mind and spirit and cultivate health together. We truly believe everyone has something to give and something to gain by having a seat at the Table.

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