Physical health can be easier to identify, observe, and measure than relational or emotional health, but it still remains challenging to optimize.

When we think of physical health, we often think of illnesses, diseases, diet, and exercise, and we are usually spending our resources reactively trying to control symptoms.  We want encourage you to expand your thinking about physical health to include you relationship with health care delivery on a broader scale and to consider what it means to be proactive.

In the physical portion of Wheel of Wellness, we consider the question – how do I give and receive health from and for my body?

Physical Health of Wellness Wheel

Though all the spokes are vital for health, nourishment is most certainly a critical piece of the puzzle. Consider many popular aphorisms “it starts with food”, “you can’t outrun a bad diet”, “let food be thy medicine”, and you can see that nutrition is at the forefront and foundation of health. We can expand our knowledge and awareness through nutrition education that is right for us with opportunity for group or 1:1 learning with qualified experts.  We can learn how food & supplements can support best health by providing necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients that our own unique bodies need, usually different from what others need. We also recognize that best intentions can get stuck in the planning stages when we don’t have the right tools for the job.  It is helpful to engage in classes designed to develop preparation skills from chopping, cooking and combining for simple, delicious, nutritious meals to planning and preparing for daily meals, dinner parties, and dietary restrictions on a budget.  

Next we find the movement spoke – inviting us to active participation in our health. Programming that is dedicated to functional, integrative movement with medical professionals leading fitness ensures a good fit for you that is safe and sustainable. Learn yoga with a Family Medicine Physician and Feldenkrais with an Occupational Therapist – you will experience the expertise of their training in both movement and health specialties, guiding you in the comprehensive support of body, mind, and spirit. Recognizing that comfort levels can vary, Table Health offers classes/workshops & consultations, allowing for instruction in group and 1:1 settings with opportunity to build community and fully customizing programming to meet individual needs. Health happens both inside and out and we take full advantage of our onsite studio & trails. Located in the beautiful setting of The Village at The Commons we benefit from integrating nature into our movement.

The final component in this triad of the physical zone is medicine – which might come as a surprise, because we often think of health care primarily as the doctor’s visit. While physicians indeed play a crucial role in health, we hope to create opportunity for participatory medicine.  YOU are the key player on the team, supported by practitioners in multiple disciplines, offering you guidance and support, and helping you develop true health independence.  At Table Health, we offer lab services on-site for convenience and cost efficiency. When further investigation is required, we provide advocacy & referrals, with excellence in communication and collaboration with specialists as well as the primary care physicians of members for clarity, coordination, and comprehensive care.

Consider all the ways you can honor your body while taking steps toward optimal health – quality nutrition, movement, and cultivating relationships with health professionals to gain insight, guidance, and support. Be proactive in pursuing all aspects of physical health, including how you interact with the healthcare system, and be proactive about preventing disease instead of chasing symptoms. 

Join us to nourish, move, and find health in medicine by taking a seat at the Table.


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