When Table Health launched in 2019, we started our effort to redefine healthcare. We knew then there was a better way to deliver true healthcare. One that was rooted in Transparency, Authenticity, & Value.

And, now, we've had so many join us in the realization of just how important it is to shift not only our resources but our mindset. Collectively, as a community, we recognize that diet and lifestyle including our behaviors are primary drivers to how we address personal health and wellbeing. 

In fact, taking a Functional Medicine approach to Direct Primary Care  (DPC) is the antidote to transactional, pharmaceutical-driven medicine. It aims to keep biologic systems in balance by treating the mind, body and spirit.

We feel fortunate to have been able to share with local radio and podcast extraordinaire Christal Frost, how this approach nurtures a strong patient/provider relationship that supports small changes in lifestyle that can make a huge and lasting impact on our overall health.  

Feel free to listen, on-demand,  our series of conversations with Christal Frost WTCM, as our team of providers joins her on the air to discuss various health topics such thyroid health, root cause healing, COVID-19, stress management, and shares more about our membership based approach to healthcare. 

March 10, 2020

Christine Straley, practice manager –   Redefining Healthcare, telling your health story, support for your optimal health.


April 7, 2020

Carol Bell, Registered Dietitian –  Healthy eating during the pandemic; Multivitamins; Approaches for anxiety and stress;


May 5,2020

Dr Jennifer Lyon DO – What is a functional medicine team approach? Root cause medicine and chronic health conditions

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June 30, 2020

Christine Straley, practice manager; Erin Goldman, movement specialist;  Movement, alignment and feeling joy in your body


July 28, 2020

Andrea Stoecker, DO –  What is osteopathy;  Whole person medicine; functional medicine; autoimmune conditions.


August 25, 2020

Andrea Stoecker, DO -  Immune boosting strategies


September 2020

Carol Bell, registered dietitian, Food based healing strategies: digestion, thyroid, liver health, autoimmune, IBS


October 2020

Carol Bell, registered dietitian, Women’s health, healthy eating for hormone balance, fertility


November 2020

Dr. Andrea Stoecker, DO, Mens health, testosterone, prostate concerns


December 2020

Christine Straley, practice manager, What is membership based healthcare? Are there health care solutions for businesses

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January 2021 

Carol Bell, RD, Reaching Your Goal Weight


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