Loneliness is an epidemic of epic proportions, impacting the health of our world on many levels. Along with its direct negative influence on mental health, social isolation and feelings of loneliness can increase risk of chronic disease, worsening inflammation and stressing the immune system. In a time when we can communicate virtually anytime and anywhere, we are becoming increasingly disconnected in the ways that matter, and it is negatively impacting our health.

In response to this, we consider the Relational Health section of the Wheel of Wellness and explore the question – how do I give and receive health with
the world outside of me?

Relational Health of Wellness Wheel

Let’s begin at the top of this section, with the spoke of support/tribe. Humans are communal
creatures, surviving and thriving in collective. As we move through certain
stages in life, there are natural opportunities for inclusion through shared experience
– school, parenting, work, volunteerism. Unfortunately, not everyone experiences these
opportunities or feel fully included, and there are phases that make engagement
more challenging, such as relocation, retirement, or illness. At Table Health, we
offer ample opportunity for participation and cultivation of the support one
needs to feel included and part of a tribe.

Our small groups are designed to meet specific needs, creating opportunity to share, reflect, and engage in a comfortable setting. Classes and workshops, along with individual appointments, provide access to practitioners as well as fellow participants, as we learn, experience, inquire and discover together. While you might be in different phases of life, you are united in the pursuit of optimal health and able to cultivate your health tribe.

Next we find the community spoke – a key feature in the full experience at Table Health. We recognize the many amazing resources in our community and seek to give as much as we receive from our participation, welcoming our members to join us in doing so. Collaborating
with local artisans, farmers, and community partners, we strengthen the quality of resources available to our members and bolster the local economy both fiscally and experientially. Members are invited to attend & host events, encouraging gathering and learning along with opportunity for individuals to rent the space, featuring their own programs and products that serve the health of the greater community. We practice and encourage altruistic giving & abundance, honoring that which we have been given, recognizing that success of the individual can strengthen the collective, and that we always have something to contribute to our community.

The final component in this triad of the relational zone is financial – which can be a sensitive
subject for many. Direct pay (no insurance) healthcare solutions seek to reduce the stress that often accompanies experiences with health care. Escalating rates of health insurance, unclear costs, and unexpected medical bills can add to the challenge of pursuing best health. By offering payment options & direct pay, Table Health eliminates the guessing game and provides the lowest cost possible for high value services.

Proactive participation in healthcare that gets to the root of the problem is an investment in optimal health, and in your future, paying long term dividends in quality and length of life, and creating a buffer against illness by strengthening wellness along all spokes of the wheel.

Finally, we highlight transparency.  We believe you should receive up front clarity about costs and expectations, so you can make your own decisions about what to pursue and know precisely how to budget and plan for the essential transactions of health.  

In what areas of life do you seek more support? How can you become more involved with your community? What investments are you making in the valuable asset of health?

Join us to create strength in community, contribute to the economy of health, and find your tribe by taking a seat at the Table.

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