Take a deep breath – and another – and one more. Pause.

Now think of health. What do you envision? A thing? A place? A feeling? How do you
hear, see, smell, taste, touch, experience health? Where do you find health?
Where might health be hiding that you least expect?

We all need explore these questions everyday – personally and professionally, seeking health in all places, spaces and faces.

When we look at the Wheel of Wellness, we began with the center of the hub, prioritizing, honoring, acknowledging you, the individual as the focus of the experience of health. You have exclusive power of ownership and full responsibility for accountability for your health. With the right resources, you can experience the amazing capacity you have within to truly embrace and achieve your best health, your best self.

Let's take a step outside the center and see the three major aspects of health delineated: emotional, relational and physical. Let’s consider these as relationships with health, active partnerships in which we are both a contributor and a recipient.

Wellness Wheel

Emotional – how I
give and receive health within myself

Relational – how I
give and receive health with the world outside of me

Physical – how I
give and receive health from and for my body

A comprehensive and robust approach to health requires constant maintenance and we all have strengths and weaknesses. Just like a muscle we would train in the gym, these require practice, repetition and daily attention to maintain their tone. Also as in the gym, we often gravitate to the familiar, the routine, that which we have always done. However, without variety in type, style, intensity and volume in training, we are likely leaving some muscles weak and creating imbalances rendering ourselves vulnerable for injury.

Recognize the importance of building resilience within ourselves and our relationships in the world. Addressing each of these aspects of health in the ratio that is needed for your most robust expression of health. With physician leadership and expert support, you can create the needed exercises that will strengthen forgotten but vital muscles of emotional, relational and physical health.

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