Table Health is Redefining Healthcare.

You are part of the leadership circle and this approach allow you to achieve health independence.

It is not okay to be shamed, coerced by clever marketing, or simply be caught up in the raging river of institutionalized medicine into a system that cannot meet all of your needs. It's not okay to be left helpless, confused and paralyzed or just plan uninformed and ambivalent to your responsibility to take care of yourself.

You CAN be the leader when it comes to your health. It’s okay to own your health and your health data. It’s okay to know exactly how much a health service, lab, X-ray, or procedure costs BEFORE you purchase it. It’s okay to shop around to find the best value whether you’re shopping for a physician, insurance plan, massage therapist or laboratory test. Experts (i.e. doctors, allied health professionals etc.) are here to share their hard earned expertise and inform YOUR decisions. Their job is to expand your awareness of how the latest in medicine, herbal science, nutrition, movement, psychology could help you reach your fullest potential in life and health and then connect you to the resources of YOUR choosing. There is no, one discipline that has the edge on your whole story or what it would take for you to reach your highest potential for health and happiness. It takes a thoughtful, personalized approach. And no one except you can create a truly personalized plan. It’s time for you to step up to the plate and take charge. Make your needs known, listen to the experts…as many of them as possible…then make informed decisions about what you need to do to create a better life.

Need help? It is an obvious truth our system is not set up to support this ideal model of health care. In fact, some of the spoken and unspoken “laws" that govern health care delivery make it very difficult for you to make your own decisions. That’s the idea of Table Health. We are ready to face the giant. We are ready to put blood, sweat and tears into changing the system that is making us impotent, causing us to believe chronic disease is just part of normal life, and draining resources in vain. We are all sitting at the Table waiting for you, the guest of honor, to join us. We will support your health independence all along the way. We will take baby steps with you, or leaps and bounds — Whatever you are ready for. We honor the progress and insight of all evidenced informed disciplines and help you sort out how it all applies to your story. We will find you the best value based on your individual needs and tell you how much it will cost. We will help you work toward the goal of YOU being in control of your health data. We will work to build your community into a place where you are fully supported to make better choices at every turn that will lead you to health independence.

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