Health really is all around.

It surrounds us in every aspect of our day, providing opportunity to
influence our experience of health for the better in each moment of our lives.
Health is also between – connecting us to ourselves, our families, our
communities and the world. We are only as strong as our weakest link and while
it can be tempting to spend our time, energy and funds on those areas we most
enjoy or have our greatest skill, the best return on our investment comes from
a well-diversified portfolio, cultivating diverse resources and ensuring that
we are resilient in all the areas where health can be challenged and
flourishing in all the places health can be nurtured.

The infographic below, illustrating the global, comprehensive and inclusive approach to wellness. Utilizing this tool, we can clearly identify strengths and weaknesses, opportunities for growth, honor our gifts and create solutions for our challenges.

Table Health Wheel of Wellness

Let’s begin with an overview – the big picture if you will – noticing the broad scope of considerations encompassed in the contemplation of health – some might be familiar to your frame of reference – medicine, food, rest – while others might be unexpected – artisans, fellowship, hiking trails – and we hope through this journey you will see that all have their place, just as you do. We also know that even if one spoke is bent, the wheel does not run smoothly and how important it is to give equitable attention to each.

You will also notice that the center of this hub is YOU – the individual – fully accountable for and in ownership of yourself. While this can feel daunting in some ways, but you can also see this as an invitation, an opportunity for freedom – to define and experience health for yourself. We also recognize that your definition likely looks different from your neighbor’s and will probably look different for you in a month, a year or a decade.  While you are empowered to be independent in the care of your health, Table Health provides you with the resources you need to find success in your endeavor. We are with you at the hub of the wheel, providing expertise, education and experiences that help you identify which of the spokes of this wheel need truing and support the skill development needed to do so in order for the wheel of health to run smoothly along your life’s path.

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Join us as we dig deeper into each region of the wheel and see what you have to give and what you have to gain by having a seat at the Table.

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