Whether you have been dealing with ongoing health concerns; pain, fatigue, brain fog, chronic disease or if you’re feeling great, exercising, and eating well, you can still benefit from a functional medicine approach. So, what is functional medicine and why is it important to healing?

Here are the top three reasons why you need functional medicine: 


It Keeps You Healthy

The functional medicine approach takes the time to tease out the details, find the root causes of your symptoms, and cure them - ideally before they become a full blown disease. This approach maintains your health and has the power to restore and even transform a person’s life, when they reach optimal health. 


It’s About You!

You can look forward to your functional medicine team spending time with you, listening to your health story and actively taking note to identify genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors specific to you that could influence your long-term health and vitality. 


Evidence Based

It’s common knowledge that it takes on average 17 years for new information to work its way into conventional medicine practice. Functional medicine, however, is able to take advantage of new research in real time putting it into practice to bring healing to their patients.  Functional medicine uses advanced testing and genetics in combination with the art of listening to your story to piece together a plan that is 100% tailored to you, your body and your life.

Simple Steps to Optimal Health Free Guide

The fact is no one is completely sheltered from physiologic stress in the form of genetics, toxic exposures, and the demands of modern life. Sharing your health history helps determine the root cause of your illness or health condition and that is a top priority for your functional medicine physician. With this information an individual health plan can be created to maintain or restore your optimal health. 

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