Improved Health Increases Profit, Productivity, and Morale

Working together with company leadership and employees, our team of functional medicine practitioners assess individual and company goals.  They identify barriers to health, and work with you to cultivate a customized corporate wellness program focused on support, skill development, and insights necessary for your company’s long term culture of health.


1, 3, or 5 Day Retreats

Encouraging take-home practices to develop healthy daily habits, our robust all-inclusive European-style retreats focus on long-term solutions to cultivate a sustainable culture of health. Integrating our data-driven functional medicine and wellness resources with your company’s specific needs results in healthy, restored, and focused professionals.

8 Week Course

Affordable on-site learning with leadership and employees to confidentially identify personal, professional, and company challenges, we create and support opportunities that will improve chances for success and prioritize the next best steps to move toward a healthier experience at work
and in daily life.

Corporate Health Membership

Table Health group memberships provide ongoing support for long term health of employees and the company. Our in-depth and individualized plans created by our functional medicine collective of physicians and therapists are designed to help participants achieve and maintain optimal health and vitality, decrease dependence on prescription medication, and reduce overall healthcare costs. Options are available for each employee at a variety of price points and options for participation. Memberships can be fully or partially sponsored by the employer and are available at group rates. 



When you support a positive and healthy working environment, your employees and your company thrive.


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