Frequently Asked Questions


FAQ: Do you accept Insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid?

No.  At Table Health, our mission is to give you the time, energy, and medical advice that is right for YOU without being influenced by insurance companies and their systems of reimbursement.  We are transparent about the cost of all of our services and you will always know what you are paying BEFORE your appointment.  Our services are not covered by insurance or by health cost sharing plans and we do not provide super bills to get reimbursement from your insurance or cost sharing plan carriers. Payment is due at the time of service.  HSA and FSA accounts are accepted. We do not accept Medicare and Medicaid.  If you would like to be seen by any of our providers and have Medicare or Medicaid, please call the office for more details.  You may use your insurance for labs drawn here at Table Health that go to Quest Diagnostics, medications from your approved pharmacy, and for referrals outside of Table Health such as radiology, health screenings and other outpatient care such as Physical Therapy.


FAQ: Will you prescribe medication?

Our physicians are dedicated to optimizing health through use functional medicine and lifestyle change including nutrition, movement, stress management, and behavioral health.  They also recognize that there are appropriate uses of prescription medication and can initiate and manage these, collaborate with your PCP, or refer you to a specialist as needed.

Table Medicine does not prescribe opiods – we are dedicated to determining the root cause of your pain and treating comprehensively. If these medications are deemed necessary, you will be referred to a pain management specialist.


FAQ: What is Functional Medicine?  

Functional Medicine is a systems and biology–based approach that focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of disease. At Table Health we take a deep look at your personal health history, current symptoms, and nutritional biomarkers in a way that seeks to identify the root cause of symptoms and chronic or repetitive illness.  


FAQ: What does a health coach do?

Sometimes, making changes in your health habits can be overwhelming.  A health coach is someone who can help you understand and implement the plan you and your physician have designed for your optimal health.  Recognizing that individuals and families often need encouragement, support, accountability, and guidance after the doctor’s appointment in order to truly achieve their goals, Table has its own health coaches, who work along with your physician, to help you navigate the details and stay on course.


FAQ:  What is a direct pay lab service?

Table has an onsite phlebotomy and lab ordering service.  Prices are transparent and low cost. Paying directly for labs at Table is advantageous if you have a high deductible insurance plan (where few laboratory studies are covered), you do not have insurance, or you simply want to support a transparent, low-cost way to pay for lab services.  You have the option of paying for lab tests with your insurance, HSA or FSA account. Paying less via direct pay lab services is a good way to optimize your health savings account dollars. If you prefer to pay directly for labs ordered by your health provider, bring the list of labs and contact information of your health provider and enjoy a straight forward experience.  We will share the cost of each lab BEFORE we order the test. The results will be available to you via portal and also sent to your ordering practitioner if outside of Table Health.  


FAQ: Do I have to be a member to book an appointment or to sign up for an event ?

No, you do not!  Our events are open to the public and are a great introduction Table Health offerings and practitioners.  We also offer individual appointments with our practitioners and physicians. Our programs have been created to bring you the most comprehensive programming available. You and your physician will decide together the best course of action to get you to your health goals.  Our team of practitioners will work with you and with each other to help you reach those goals. Our events and workshops bring you education and tangible take-aways to make changes and gain support. The programs are designed to give you all the tools you need to be successful on your journey. 


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Table Health members please send any health related messages through the patient portal.