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Create a Legacy of Health

Our services are designed to support you in your quest toward optimal health. We meet you where you are, honor where you’ve been, and help you get to where you want to be. 

Actively supporting your physical, emotional, and relational health is our promise. Our functional approach is individualized to treat the root cause, focusing on restoration and maintenance of health through primary care, functional medicine, nutrition, movement, mental wellness, and the use of expanded lab testing and diagnostic techniques.

Table Health redefines healthcare through transparency, authenticity, and value. This means you get more time with your doctor,  affordable and transparent costs, and you are seen as a person rather than a symptom.  We strive to build a relationship that creates trust and safety.

Dr. Jennifer Lyon, Functional Medicine
Table Health member testimonial

Member Testimonial

"We feel like the stars aligned for us when we joined Table Health. We struggled to find a local PCP who aligned with our holistic health approach and was accepting new patients. The patient/provider relationship we have established in such a short period of time is unprecedented. Very grateful to have found this option!"

- Chelsey, Table Health Member

We listen to your story

We’ll Listen to Your Story

On your initial visit, you will have the physician’s undivided attention, and your story will be heard - where you came from, who you are today, and where you would like to go. Our appointments are longer and truly focused on you, honoring an authentic patient-doctor relationship.

create a plan toward healing

Create a Plan

Together you will create a detailed plan using our team of professionals, workshops, and classes that guide and support you in reaching your goals. It’s time for you to write your health story. What kind of legacy do you want to leave?

supporting your health transformation

Support your Transformation

From the moment you arrive, you will be supported. Our membership based model ensures you have increased access to your doctor. No waiting, no co-pay, no hassles. Our team of onsite, highly trained medical professionals are available to bring ease and clarity to your program, guide you through the challenges, high five you when you win, and motivate you to reach your full potential.

Simple Steps to Optimal Health

10 Steps You Can Take Now to Feel Your Best and Reach Your Optimal Health.

Download the Checklist



Ideal for One-Time Health Assessment to Create a Plan Toward Optimal Health
Medical Encounter

Full Assessment with Functional/Integrative Provider

Wellness Support

One-On-One Supportive Session with Health Coach 

Follow-Up Session with Health Coach or One-On-One Session with Nutritionist

One Time Fee


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Primary Membership

Direct Primary Care for Individuals and Families
Medical Encounter
  • Annual Health Assessment 
  • Unlimited Medical Coverage for Follow-Ups and Sick Visits
Diagnostics and Medications

Select Prescribed Medications
Select Laboratory Testing
Select In-Office Procedures

See Select Services Included

  • 10% off Table Health Market 
  • 10% off labs outside of membership
Sign-Up Fee
  • $150 (individual or whole family)


Monthly Fee
  • Age 0-18 = $30-47
  • Age 19-39 = $47 
  • Age 40-64 = $67
  • Age 65+ = $87
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Wellness Membership

Affordable Self-Care Support for Health Maintenance
Wellness Support
  • 60-minute session per month with a specialist of your choice.


  • Nutrition
    • Our Registered Dietitians, Nutritionists, Coaches, and Chefs use the healing power of food to reach optimal health through individual and group classes, cooking classes, grocery store tours and in home visits.

  • Bodywork
    • Our practitioners are gifted and compassionate body workers that have a great understanding of the human body. They work to attain improved mobility, decreased pain, and elevated well-being through medical and relaxation massage, pregnancy massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, cranial sacral therapy, visceral therapy and more.

  • Health Coaching
    • Our health coaches are your advocates, support system, and wellness authority. They work closely with the physician and our team of practitioners to make sure your experience at Table Health has ease, clarity, support, and success.


  • Enjoy 10% off all Table Health's educational workshops, series and events each month. These events are designed to support your journey to optimal health and are delivered by our expert physician's and providers. See our calendar for the latest events.
We carefully vet our products and the companies that create them to ensure that they meet our high standards. We carry products that are good for you, have minimal impact on the environment, that come from reliable companies with ethical track records, and -- most importantly -- actually work.
  • 10% off all health and wellness products.
We offer an on-site laboratory for comprehensive and expanded biomarker testing for Table Health Members and the community (with a doctor’s order). We offer discounted prices for those with no insurance or high deductible insurance and we are able to bill to your insurance company if requested.
  • 10% off all in-house direct pay lab services.
Sign-Up Fee
  • $99
Monthly Fee


monthly subscription, cancel at anytime

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