Direct Primary Care

For Individuals, Families, and Employers Seeking Care for Everyday Health Needs

Welcome to Membership-Based Healthcare also commonly described by many as Direct Primary Care (DPC). 

This approach to healthcare is a direct financial relationship between patient and physician which eliminates the inefficiencies of insurance. It also values an older or original model of medicine which is to spend more time with patients, creating a meaningful relationship, with true transparency and a more comprehensive experience

Our Direct Primary Care team approaches your health with a full lens, looking for the root cause of symptoms and always looking to help you optimize your health.

We address your physical, emotional, and relational needs, and you receive a dedicated and skilled team to guide and support you on your health journey. 

Services and costs are transparent and payments are between the patient and the provider. Insurance is not billed and receipts are not given to send in for reimbursement with your insurance provider.  All of this ensures that YOU remain in the driver’s seat of your health.

Benefits of Direct Primary Care

Dr. Stoecker checking vitals on a patient
dr stoecker

Andrea Stoecker, DO


As a board certified osteopathic family physician, I am able to help the body achieve balance through manipulation, as well as take care of a full range of primary care needs. As a doctor trained in functional medicine, I listen to each patient's story to determine the root cause of their symptoms.

Learn more about Andrea.

Benefits of Direct Primary Care

DPC Transparent


Simple and up-front costs.

DPC Time


Spend More Time with Your Provider

DPC Access


Full Access to Your Provider


Direct Primary Care

Primary Membership

Ideal for individuals, families, and corporate clients seeking care for everyday health needs.
Medical Encounter
  • Annual Health Assessment 
  • Unlimited Appointments for Follow-Up and Sick Visits
Diagnostics and Medications
  • 10% off Table Health Market 
  • 10% off labs outside of membership
Sign-Up Fee
  • $150 (individual or whole family)
Monthly Fee
  • Age 0-18 = $30-$47
  • Age 19-39 = $47 
  • Age 40-64 = $67
  • Age 65+ = $87
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