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Weight Loss from a Physical, Relational & Emotional Lens

Weight management is a complicated and uniquely individual process for each person.  It is so much more than eating right and moving your body.  It is about looking at the whole picture, the whole you. After combing through the research and examining clinical findings and what works for real people Erin Gysbers, Occupational Therapist and Carol Bell, Registered Dietician have constructed a program that includes 3 main modules that focus on three key aspects of each person’s life, the Emotional, Physical, and Relational you. After doing the work in each one of these modules you will walk away with knowledge, tools, and resources to help you achieve your weight goals.


Partner with Erin & Carol on A Journey to Loving the Skin You Are In

Here’s what you get from this program:

• Balance hormones that drive insulin resistance

• Improve insulin sensitivity and how your body uses energy

• Identify and change social and relational behaviors

• Address nutrient depletion that is altering moods and body chemistry

• Repair the microbiome

• Address root causes of cravings

• Recognize other barriers to weight loss: sleep, self-talk, toxins, hormones, insulin resistance, neurotransmitter deficiencies

• Accountability for changing habits  

• Effective tools for stress management

• Explore movement and exercise that brings joy

• Identify eating habits and triggers 

• Create alternate plans of action to interrupt behavior patterns and practice new behaviors

• Identify support strategies that encourage growth

• Learn how to create balanced meal plans

• Understand how lifestyle and environment impact your health

• Get inspiration for healthier meals and learn new recipes

• Have the support of trained, licensed medical professionals

• Track measures of health outside of weight: A1c, Glucose, blood pressure, insulin, etc


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3 Part Module Series...At Your Own Pace

This 3 part, 8-12 week module series is a "go at your own pace" fully supported program.  By working with our practitioners you will be able to move at a pace that works for you, that offers you support, motivation, and the tools you need to be successful. You are not alone in the journey and you are the expert on your own health. By partnering with these practitioners and taking ownership, responsibility, and action over your life you will see change, change that lasts.

erin gysbers

Initial Assessment

1:1 initial deep-dive assessment with Erin Gysbers - Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner, Occupational Therapist, Health Coach.



Follow-up sessions with Erin and Carol to assess progress and roadblocks throughout the program.

Module 3


Four (4) nutrition sessions with Carol Bell, Registered Dietician.



Closing Assessment

1:1 closing assessment with Erin where you will be given a road map to staying on your journey to optimal weight and health.


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All attendees must have a physical done in the last year and labs within the past 2 months checking for inflammation, insulin, A1c, vitamin d and glucose.  If you do not have a primary care provider, Table Health can help, just let us know. 


Bonus Access

• On-demand cooking videos with Carol Bell, RD.
• PDF guides, resources, and tools.
• Access to Table Health’s lab, alternative testing, wellness, and medical providers, and professional-grade supplements from our marketplace.

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