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 Addressing Your Weight Goals from a Physical, Emotional and Relational Lens to Get Results that Last

Weight management is a complicated and uniquely individual process for each person.  It can feel hard, frustrating, demanding, and restrictive.  What you have been taught about calorie in and calorie out is outdated and is a failed model.

If you don't look deeper and address the whole you, the complicated you with all your seemingly unrelated symptoms, illness and unique systems then you will not succeed at reaching and maintaining your weight goals.

Experience freedom. Freedom in your thinking, in your eating habits, in your relationship with food, from disease and illness, how you move, and how you love yourself inside and out.

Once again you can play on the floor with your kids or grandkids, find energy, think clearly, engage socially with confidence, run uninhibited to that shore line and dive in, heal your gut,  balance your hormones and blood sugar, heal from and reduce your risk of chronic disease. 

We know your struggle and understand your frustrations, we can help. 

After combing through the research and examining their own clinical work and unpacking what works for real people, Rachael Bloch, Health Coach and Carol Bell, Registered Dietician have constructed a program that includes 3 main modules that focus on three key aspects of each person’s life, the Emotional, Physical, and Relational you.

After doing the work in each one of these modules you will walk away with knowledge, tools, and resources to help you achieve your weight goals.



Rachel Bloch, Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach and Carol Bell, Registered Dietitian

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LTSYI Webinar


Reach Your Goals

In this Program You Will Learn How to

• Balance your hormones that drive insulin resistance
• Improve insulin resistance and how your body uses energy
• Identify and change social and relational behaviors 
• Address nutrient depletion that is affecting mood and body chemistry
• Repair your gut microbiome
• Address root causes of cravings and identify harmful eating habits and triggers
• Accountability 
• Effective tools for stress management
• Explore movement and exercise that brings you joy
• Create alternate plans of action that interrupt behavior patterns and practice new behaviors
• Identify support strategies that encourage growth
• Learn how to create exciting and balanced meal plans
• Understand how your lifestyle and environment impact your health
• Recognize other barriers to weight loss such as self-talk, sleep and toxins
• Track measures of health outside of weight
• Have ongoing support from licensed medical providers



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Initial Assessment with Rachel Bloch, Health Coach

When you sign up for this program you will start off with our health coach and take a deep dive into all the challenges, victories, stumbling blocks and dreams that make you, you. Our health coach will guide you to the right practices, tools, and providers to get you the best care you need from start to finish. 

Nutrition Session with Carol Bell, RD

Nutrition Sessions with Carol Bell, RD

4 1:1 sessions with our Registered Dietician will bring the foundation to not only what foods to eat, but how to make it work in your current environment, what foods work specifically for you, and how to combat cravings and temptations successfully. Our dietician uses a functional approach to food, using it as medicine to heal you so that you achieve your goals.

One on one ongoing support

On-Going Support

Your health coach will also be with you throughout the course of your program. Guiding you, high five-ing you, and holding your hand. You will be fully supported.


Reaching Your Goals

Closing Assessment

When you complete the program we don't just let you go off on your own, we send you off with a plan for the next steps on your journey.  You can trust that you will be taken care of.

Bonus Materials and Access

Bonus Access

You will have access to the online, on-demand videos, handouts, tools, and resources for the life of this program that you can access time and time again.  These little nuggets will be helpful reminders if  you forget your path and lose course.


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We want to be clear about this program. It’s not for everyone. It is not a quick fix and it will take time and dedication to get the lasting results you are after. This is a whole lifestyle approach. 

But for the dedicated ones, the ones ready to challenge the status quo this is for you! 

You who looks in the mirror and wishes they could Love the Skin they’re in. You who feels the restrictions your weight puts on your life - lack of energy, lack of engagement, lack of sleep, lack of joy, confidence and self love. 

This is for you if you want to experience loving the skin you’re in no matter the size. This is for you if you want to finally be empowered and dig deep and overcome the obstacles getting in your way to loving the skin you’re in.  This is for you 


***You take ownership of your life and take the responsibility to get what you desire.

***You are excited to learn and ready to make changes that result in true healing. 

*** All attendees must have a physical done in the last year and labs within the past 2 months checking for inflammation, insulin, A1c, vitamin d and glucose.  If you do not have a primary care provider, Table Health can help, just let us know. 


• More than 10 hours of support, valued at $1,500 for only $997.
• Ready to Love the Skin You're In? Sign-up today by calling Table Health at 231-333-1331.


Love the Skin Youre In



What results can I expect?
We are giving you a roadmap filled with strategies and tools to help you take charge of your life.  It is up to you how far you go and how quickly you reach your goals. You need to commit your mind and time to showing up, being present and applying the practices given to you.  We are confident you will learn something and gain much. 
How much time do I need to devote to this?
There will be 4 60 minutes sessions with the Registered Dietician and 2 60 minutes sessions the Health Coach plus 2 hours work of follow ups.  There will optional material found on-demand on-line.  Time spent in your workbook and utilizing all the tools you receive is up to you but expect about 30-60 minutes outside of the sessions. The more time and energy you commit to implementing this into your life as a whole will have a huge impact on your end results.
How long will I have access to the program?
You will have access to the programs as long as we offer it to the public. We recommend you save the files to your hard drive and request that you NEVER share your files with someone who has not purchased the program themselves.
Is there a money-back guarantee?
Your satisfaction with the Love the Skin You're In course is important to us. We will honor a 90-day partial refund (50%) if users can prove they have put in the work and have not gained any results from taking the course.
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